Wednesday, August 23, 2017
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Break Free From Your PC And Put The Experience Back In Your Media!

PCs are great for portability. But once the work day is over it’s time to get the laptop off your lap, get comfortable on your couch, and let the M200 1080p Networked Media Player bring you a 360° technology experience.

With the M200 HD Media Player, Any TV can become a Media Mecca. Use the remote to Fast Forward, Rewind, Pause, Zoom, Pan, Rotate and Search the:

Internet, Items on your USB Drive, LAN, Files on your hard drive, Videos on your camcorder, Pictures on your camera or memory card, Disks on internal disk drive*, Streaming Internet with services like PlayOn TV**

PlayOn TV** is continuous content at your fingertips. You get thousands of TV shows, radio stations and all your favorite networks and entertainment like: YouTube, ESPN, Hulu, CNN, Netflix and…UPnP/DLNA compatibility allows virtually unlimited content without having to move or copy files – just stream it.

On the Inside…The M200 has its own local hard drive* to store media collections or use as a Network Attached Storage (NAS) server – allowing for the fastest, smoothest playback – and portability. And the built in BitTorrent station allows you to share files and download mega amounts of info while you sleep – all without a PC.

*Hard disk drive sold separately **PlayOn TV server sold separately.


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M200 - Highlights

• Plays all video and audio formats.
• Internet Channels like YouTube, Picasa + More.
• Option to attach a 3.5" SATA Hard drive.
• PC-Less Torrent Download, NAS, FTP, DLNA support.
• Easy to use User Interface.

M200 - What Can I Do...?

• Play-back All Audio, Video, Photo Files Format On Your HDTV or Standard TV
• Watch or Listen to Internet Content Like YouTube, Flickr, Internet Radio
• Watch Internet TV Channels Like ESPN, NetFlix, UFC, CNN, TED w/PlayOn
• Use It As Secondary Data Storage Device When Connected To Computer
• Data Backup Server To Backup Data From Your External Storage Devices
• Playback Content From Your uPnP/DLNA Server like DirecTV, Windows 7, etc.
• Digital Signage Server To Playback Your Digital Signage or Video
• Unattended Torrent Download Station
• Windows/Mac File Sharing Server

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