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S400 Connected Storage

The S400 Connected Storage avoids any configuration concerns by providing both Network-Attached Storage (NAS) and IP-based Storage Area Network (SAN) storage technologies.
• Use NAS for file sharing and easy setup.
• SAN with iSCSI protocol is ideal for block-level access and scalability.

The S400 Connected Storage supports:
• Macintosh • Linux • Unix
• 32 Bit Windows OS • 64 Bit Windows OS

iSCSI Support
The S400 Connected Storage comes equipped with built-in iSCSI support for those of you who want faster block access service to build an IP-based Storage Area Network (SAN)

Customize the price and capacity of the S400 Connected Storage by buying only the space you need – as small as 500GB, and add more as needed. Add on up to the current maximum of 8TB and even larger capacity as it becomes available with new technology.

The BitTorrent download feature of the S400 Connected Storage allows you to set up and run a torrent file without a PC, conserving energy and reducing the carbon footprint.

The One Touch Copy feature provides quick, easy backup of priceless moments recorded via USB devices, like a camcorder or camera so you don’t have to do manual back-up. Five USB ports accommodate several connections simultaneously.

The S400 Connected Storage conveniently supports 2 Gigabit Ethernet Ports to enable increased throughput and improved performance to maximize your productivity.

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S400 - Highlights

• RAID 0,1,5 and JBOD to protect your data.
• Works with NAS and IP SAN configuration.
• High Performance dual gigabit ethernet ports.
• iSCSI equipped.
• PC-less BT download and media streaming server.

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