Wednesday, August 23, 2017
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Don't Be Jealous Of Our Media Player.

Yes, it rocks all the cutting-edge technology you would expect in a state or the art media player, but it’s also packing first-to-market technology you didn’t even think was possible. But save the envy. And prepare to be amazed.

Introducing the M400 1080p Media Player with Web Browser! Never before seen Gigabit Ethernet fulfills your need for speed, not to mention the ability to wirelessly download even the most massive media files with no delays, hiccups or meltdowns.  The real proof is in the playback, and this revolutionary media player delivers the smoothest HD playback on the market.

To keep you connected to all the latest movies, music and broadcasts, we built-in 802.11n Wifi and PC-less BT Download technology. And this isn’t just another pretty-faced media player, the internal HDD drive bay for hard drive installation has SATAII at 3 Gb/s per second to keep you riveted to the smoothest high definition playback possible.

You also get instant access and flawless support of all your top internet content including YouTube, shoutcast,, Yahoo Weather, MediaFly and more.

And here is where the M400 Media really goes over the top –  it also includes PlayOn TV, your all-access pass to enjoying an additional 200+ internet channels including NetFlix, CNN, ESPN and Hulu as crisp video on your HDTV.

And if these voluminous contents do not satisfy your hunger for more content, feel free to use the built-in Web Browser to open up the internet content floodgate over the high speed gigabit ethernet or 802.11n connections.

So don’t be jealous of the M400 Media Player. All its envy-inspiring traits only exist to take your media entertainment experience to a whole new level.

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M400 - Highlights

• USB 3.0 support for lightning fast file transfers.
• Supports up to the latest 3 TB HDD.
• Gigabit Ethernet Network for smooth HD playback.
• Built-in 802.11n WiFi.
• Supports all media file formats.
• True 1080p resolution plus HD surround sound.
• PC-Less Torrent Download, NAS, FTP, DLNA support.

M400 - What Can I Do...?

• Play-back All Audio, Video, Photo Files Format On Your HDTV or Standard TV
• Watch or Listen to Internet Content Like YouTube, Flickr, Internet Radio
• Use It As Internet Browser To Check Your Latest News, Sports, Social, etc.
• Watch Internet TV Channels Such As ESPN, NetFlix, CNN, TED w/PlayOn TV
• Use It As Secondary Data Storage Device When Connected To Computer
• Data Backup Server To Backup Data From Your External Storage Devices
• Playback Content From Your uPnP/DLNA Server Like DirecTV, Windows 7, etc.
• uPnP/DLNA Server To Stream Digital Media Content To PCs On Your Network
• Digital Signage Server To Playback Your Digital Signage or Video
• Unattended Torrent Download Station
• Windows/Mac File Sharing Server

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