Wednesday, August 23, 2017
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PlayOn is a subscription based program that runs on your PC, giving you access to your favorite shows off your UEBO M200 or M400 and onto your TV, on-demand. This is how it works:


Step 1 - Download

PlayOn makes it easy for you to watch your favorite videos, shows, and movies from websites such as Netflix, Hulu, YouTube and more on your TV using your Uebo M200 or M400 over your home internet connection. Download and install PlayOn on your Windows PC today.

Step 2 - Click

Using PlayOn is intuitive and easy. No technical knowledge is required. Just make sure PlayOn is running on your PC then click the PlayOn icon or list on your Uebo M200 or M400. Before you know it, you'll be watching your favorite internet shows on your TV!

Step 3 - Enjoy

PlayOn gets your favorite shows off your PC and onto your TV. Your free trial includes all PlayOn channels such as Hulu, ESPN, Comedy Central, MTV, Netflix, and more. PlayOn also supports third-party plugin channels. It's all free to try and you can be up and running in under 5 minutes!


PlayOn has more than 20 channels that are instantly available. But that's only the tip of iceberg! Dozens of other quality channels can be added to your PlayOn by visiting one of our Partner Plugin sites. These third-party Plugin channels are built and supported by independent developers to expand your enjoyment of PlayOn.


Popular Channels on PlayOn...



PlayOn Channels...

Here's a full list of channels currently on PlayOn, additional channels can be added by using the third party plugins found on

Hulu Hulu Cartoon Network Cartoon Network ESPN 3 ESPN3 NHL 2 NHL.com2 Spike TV SpikeTV
Netflix Netflix CBS CBS FOX News FOX News Nick Nick SyFy Rewind Syfy Rewind
Audult Swim Adult Swim CNN CNN MLB TV 2 MLB.tv2 OWN OWN TBS TBS
Amazon VOD Amazon VOD Comedy Central Comedy Central MTV MTV PBS PBS TV


Get More Channels

There are dozens of Third-party Plugin channels. All of these Plugin channels with content ranging from The Weather Channel to South Park Studios and much much more are all free. The library just keeps growing. Be sure to check out our Plugin channels page to see if your favorite content can be added.

PlayOn Lite

PlayOn Lite is the free, lighter version of PlayOn. It lets you stream music from Pandora to your TV with your new surround sound system, watch YouTube videos, and enjoy all of your cherished videos and photos from your UEBO on your TV with MyMedia. Your free trial of PlayOn Premium automatically converts to PlayOn Lite after your free trial period ends. To keep enjoying your favorite shows from Hulu, Netflix, Comedy Central and more, get PlayOn Premium and you'll never be bored for a second, even while you're waiting in line at the DMV!

PlayOn Basic

PlayOn Basic is no longer for sale. If you have a Basic license, take a look at what you can watch or upgrade to PlayOn Premium now.