Wednesday, August 23, 2017
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Download Custom Desktop Images or Personalize!

Download as many of our custom desktop images below as you want to customize your UEBO Media Player.

Personalize your UEBO Media Player by creating your own desktop images with family photos or your favorite sports teams, actors, cars, bands and so on...get creative! It's simple, just make sure the size of your desktop images are 1280 x 720 pixels and the file format must be .PNG then follow steps 1-3 below to install.



Step 1: Create a folder named "Resources" and then download your preferred desktop image(s) into the folder and change the name of the image to desktop.png. If you choose more than one rename the files in this order: desktop.png, desktop1.png, desktop3.png and so on.

Step 2:  Place the "Resources" folder on your internal HD, external HD, or USB flash drive. If you are using a USB Drive or an External HD you'll have to keep it plugged in at all times or the desktop image will not show.

Step 3: On your UEBO Media Player go to Settings-->System-->Change Desktop to load your new desktop image.

FREE Desktop Images

You can download any of the images below by clicking the image to expand to full view. Then right click the full view image and save the image to the resources folder you created in step 1 and then continue the directions above to install.
Sports Artistic Scenic People Miscellaneous
Basketball Colorful Smoke Rain Sunset Woman on Chair Puppy
Football USA Beach Black Dress Gold Fish
Baseball Clubbing Golden State Bridge Snow Woman Guitar
Soccer Car Plane Sexy Scene Film Fan
Sports Fan Painting Statue of Liberty Purple Dress Speaker Art
Golf Sky Scrapers Grass Actress Modern Room


UEBO FREE Desktop Images